Reno/Lake Tahoe Region

Since becoming the Regional Representative for the Reno/Lake Tahoe Region, Navgeet King Zed, Haas ’16, has hosted several well-attended networking events in Reno (see pictures below) and on June 8, 2024 he traveled to Las Vegas to attend the Happy Hour event hosted by the Las Vegas Chapter. We are very pleased to appoint King as an Ex-Officio member of Las Vegas Chapter’s Board of Directors to foster communications between our two groups.

January 17, 2024

May 24, 2023

For those unfamiliar with the geography of the State of Nevada, note on the following map that Reno is located in the western center of the state just north of Carson City (the state capital) and east of Lake Tahoe. Metropolitan Las Vegas in Clark County is located at the southern tip of the state. The distance between Reno and Las Vegas is about 450 miles.

As of July 1, 2023, Nevada’s total population was about 3,200,000 — of which Reno/Washoe County was about 500,000 or 16% of the state and Metropolitan Las Vegas/Clark County was about 2,400,000 or 74% of the state. In 2023 nearly 41,000,000 tourists visited Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Chapter looks forward to continuing this relationship and will post Reno/Lake Tahoe Region events below on this page to promote statewide efforts on behalf of Berkeley Haas alumni in Nevada.

More Reno/Lake Tahoe Region Events Coming Soon

For further information regarding the Reno/Lake Tahoe Region, please contact:

Navgeet King Zed
Reno Regional Representative
Berkeley Haas Alumni Network
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